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Qualifying Claims

Swiss Legal Finance offers funding to corporations and individuals in arbitration and judicial proceedings notably in the following areas:

Area 1

& Asset Recovery

Area 5

Environment & Energy

Area 2

Infrastructure & Real Estate

Area 6

Patent & IP Infringement

Area 3

Divorce & Inheritance

Area 7

Contract & Investment Disputes

Area 4

Commercial Disputes

Area 8

White Collar Crime & Financial Disputes

Qualifying Criteria


Strong claims with a high likelihood of success.

We intervene at all stages of the proceeding even at the time of recovery. 

The claim value to funding need ratio must be at least 10:1.

Typically in excess of CHF 1.5 million.

Defendants must have the resources to pay any settlement or damages awarded.

The total duration of the proceeding should be reasonable.

Not sure if you qualify?

Benefits of Litigation Funding

Swiss Legal Finance provides many benefits to both plaintiffs and law firms, such as:

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